Gym Owners, Want To Be Able To Pay ONLY When Someone Signs Up?

Okay, George:

✔ I watched the video.

✔ I'm a Gym Owner.

✔ Need your guys’ help.

✔ Please: send me members that are COMMITTED, fast!

✔ Do everything for me.

✔ Offers, ads, copy, creatives, tech, sales process.

✔ So I no longer have to live at the gym!

✔ I know this costs money.

✔ That's okay - I'm committed to my gym.

✔ And I'd love to learn more.

Assuming all of that’s true?

What Do Our Partners Say About Us?

"I wanna say thank you man... I don't know what to say except it's changed our whole business and outlook. Your program and you have saved our business. You are an answer to prayers dude..."

- Eric C. & Walter W.

"I was talking to my dad, and he said 'You really made the right call. That one phone call [With You] changed everything.'"

- James S.

"In the first weekend I should say... We made like $4k in sales. Over the course of the week we made a little over $14k."

- Dan M.

"We've Added $10k In Eft's... In 3 Weeks."

- Josh L.

"In that first week with that promotion we made $19k..."

- Andrew G.

DeWayne Used This SHOCKING Strategy And Look At What Happened...

- Dewayne T.

"We've had our best month in 15 years..."

- Andy B.

"In the end... You're a blessing dude."

- Sean C.

Kevin Closed 10 New People In 14 Days At $600/$900... While ONLY Putting In 5 Hours A Week Into This...

- Kevin C.

"We added $10k in 21 Days..."

- Deb L.

"Overall it was a great month... That was roughly $15k from Gym Pillars leads."

- Sean T.

"My classes are all to capacity... Which is nuts. Cause I didn't expect that."

- Josh M.

"We've Made $11k In One Week. Dude, it's like our own ATM."

- Sheldon S.

"We were losing money by the day... I put my life savings into this gym. Luckily I met George, we made a $4k sale from one member in the first week."

- Aaron D.

Kevin Closed 10 New People In 14 Days At $600/$900... While ONLY Putting In 5 Hours A Week Into This...

- Kevin C.

If you have Nicole's energy, we'd love to have you :)

If you're coachable like John, we'd love to have you :)

Well Let's Say We're Lying...

What Do Others Say About Us?

Want More Proof That We Just Might Know What We're Doing?

Here's proof that we are seeing $7-8 quality leads across the board. That's average.

Scrolled All The Way Down?

Here's The Truth...

We've been able to get such crazy results across the U.S. that we're willing to put money where our mouths are.

We're generating leads at $7-8/lead across the U.S. that are willing to pay $99/week, for the right gym that gets in front of them at the right time.

We take one gym as a partner for every 7 mile radius in the U.S, and if we have an opening for your area, we want to see if your gym could qualify for this guarantee.

If you qualify and jump on a Game Plan call with us and don't find it valuable, we'll literally send you $100 for wasting your time.

Best case, we decide it’s a good fit, build out a game plan with you and partner up to take your biz to the next level together and...

...30 days from now, you sigh with relief as you know DEEP in your gut that you will never have to stress about making money or getting new members ever again...

Worst case, we help you map out a game plan for you to implement without us and/or resources.

And… If you end up finding that a game plan call with us is a waste of time, I’ll personally send you $100 for having wasted your time.

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